We'll set up your online accounting system and maintain best practice processes including:

Migrating your existing accounts to your new system.
We're certified partners with Quickbooks, so we offer expert advice.
Setting up a chart of accounts
We take the time to understand your business so that we can accurately categorize your income and expenses.
Configuring bank feeds
By integrating bank feeds with your online accounting system, you gain realtime control and insight into your cash flow, income and expenses.
Setting up receipt, invoice, and document management
Eliminate the hassle of paper-based document management. Simply snap a photo of your receipts or forward as an email attachment and we'll take care of the rest.
Establishing smooth payments and cash management
Simplify and improve payment workflows and controls with real-time payment tracking and automatic reconciliation.
Configuring a scheduling and time keeping solution for your employees
App-based scheduling and time tracking saves time, increases accuracy, and avoids over and under-payments
Moving payroll online
Online payroll processing saves you time by integrating with your accounting and time tracking systems. This improves payroll accuracy and compliance.
Providing regular, timely, and detailed financial reports
Receive regular financial reports detailing your financial position, cashflow, payables and receivables.
CRA representation
We offer CRA representation and will make sure that your accounts (GST, Payroll, Corporate Tax) are set up and that you understand your compliance schedule.
Preparing you for year end
Your year end processes will provide you with everything you need to close out the year and file your business-related taxes